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New Homeowners Should Waterproof Their Bathrooms

Here’s a tip: coat a layer of Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing on your bathroom grouts to prevent water leaking!

You’ve done it, after years of working hard and saving up, you’ve finally bought yourself a home. But before you go about your homemaking, as a new homeowner, ensuring your bathrooms are properly waterproofed should REALLY be part of your checklist. See, while all bathrooms are already waterproofed under the tiles, having a protective layer on your grout is important too. This is because the layer underneath your tiles, called a waterproofing membrane, might have some defects that you don’t notice!

A forum discussion on waterproofing issues in new homes
For my_nickleo, his new bathroom’s waterproofing membrane wasn’t working AND he had to deal with a difficult developer! As a homeowner to a new or second-hand property, you should know that you are entitled to a warranty for any structural defects you find. Always take photos of these problems as you see them!

That’s why doing a water ponding test is so important when you first move into your home.

What is a water ponding test? It’s a type of test for your bathroom floor to see if the waterproofing membrane underneath actually prevents water from seeping through and leaking into the ceiling below it. You wouldn’t want to one day be the upstairs neighbour that causes a water leaking issue to your downstairs neighbour, do you? 

Still, even if your water ponding test has been a success- or even after you get your waterproofing membrane fixed by the developer, you’ll still have to think about possible water leakage issues in the future. This is because waterproofing membranes will break down over the years, as like any protective building material. And also, if not damaged, the space between your tiles (the grout) will build up unsightly bacteria and mould that just ruins your tilework!

Bacterial build up in grouts being cleaned with a toothbrush
Photo credit: Networx
It doesn’t matter how frequently you scrub or wash your bathroom- a stain, is a stain. And a non-waterproofed grout allows bacteria to penetrate into its pores overtime.  

So, here are 3 reasons why you need a layer of Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing on your bathroom grouts.

1. It’s a preventative measure against future water leakage issues.

It’s not enough to just have a waterproofing membrane underneath your tiles- you need to make sure that the surface of your grouts is waterproofed as well. Most bathroom grouts use cement that is prone to hairline cracks. These cracks aren’t visible to the naked eye and can run very deep into the cement. When still water gets on it, it will seep through the cracks and leak into the floor below it.

With Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing, however, you don’t have to worry about water seeping into your grout. Our solution penetrates as deep as 3 cm into the grout and keeps the water droplets from seeping through.  

Unfortunately with our humid Malaysian weather, our bathrooms tend to dry slower. This means that still water is likely to stay for longer, creating water pressure on the tiles that weaken the grout and waterproofing membrane over time! Eventually, water will seep through to the floor below it, causing water damage to the ceilings.

With Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing, however, you wouldn’t have to worry about your grouts absorbing water!

2. Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing prevents mould growth.

Hydrophobic materials are made to specifically not let water seep and spread on them. 

Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution is so hydrophobic that it prevents water from seeping through hairline cracks in grouts! Instead, the water will stay on the surface and dry off more thoroughly. By having such a water-resistant surface, this prevents water from pooling or seeping in your bathroom grouts. Therefore, these areas become less susceptible for bacteria to build up and grow into mould that is difficult to clean! Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your bathroom floors, it’ll just take less scrubbing.

3. You maintain your property value over time.

Because of Nano-G’s extra protection against water leakages and mould growth, you’re able to maintain the value of your home for a longer time! The reason why property loses value over time is because of how much damage it gets from wear and tear. What’s more, you’re less likely to have to spend a lot of money on bathroom renovations to fix your water leakage issues using hacking methods. Which, unfortunately, don’t always work.

With Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing, you can keep your bathroom looking new for a long time!

Click here to watch how YouTuber Jeff & Inthira choose Nano-G to waterproof their new bathroom

Our tip to new homeowners is simple- waterproof your bathroom floor tiles to prevent water leakages and mould build-up. You’ll save a lot of money, as you wouldn’t need to spend it tirelessly trying to fix water leakage problems from the bathroom in the future.

You don’t even have to lift a finger or sacrifice a lot of your time to get it done! You simply need to set a date and time and we’ll send over our team of waterproofing experts to your home to apply our solution. It is a hack-free, dust-free and non-toxic operation that shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours to complete! What’s more, the material we use to waterproof your bathroom is made with nanotechnology, a material that’s so fine that it goes into the smallest pores on your tile and not create even the slightest change to the appearance of your tilework. 

While you’re at it, coat a layer of Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Coating to keep your bathroom slip-proof as well. You’re making a home after all!   

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  1. KB

    My house toilet has water leaking issue. I have a new house to move in as well.

    • nanog@admin
      at 3:11 am

      Hi KB! Unfortunately, toilets are prone to water leaking even if they are in a new or old house. Send us a message on our WhatsApp +60 11-1647 5885 or our Contact Us form so our team can help you find the solutions to your issue!

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