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We’re Experts In Surface
Coatings & Property Protection

At Nano-G, our services range from waterproofing households and buildings to preventing accidental slips and falls in at-risk areas solving all your problems at ease under 24 hours. Our breakthrough nanotechnology has been proven effective, and we are widely known for our reputation in successfully resolving common building failures in over 1,000 properties.

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Get Greater Peace of Mind With Our Latest Breakthrough in Nanotechnology Waterproofing

Nano-G is committed to providing you the best solutions with continuous R&D for enhanced waterproofing.

Awards & Recognitions

We Are Highly Acclaimed
In The Industry

Our broad knowledge in surface coatings and property protection and the undisputed quality of our finishings are highly acclaimed by both government and private sectors throughout Malaysia. We are honoured to be recognized and certified by multiple bodies, and we will continue to strive in providing the best experience for our customers.

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Nano-G_Certificate LLOYDS
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The hospital-grade protection you can afford.

What We Do

Our Services

Hospital-grade Nanotechnology Waterproofing Specialist

Stressing over a yellow stain on the ceiling that grows over time? Permanently fix water leaks with a highly effective, no-hacking waterproofing solution.

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Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Worried about the safety of your loved ones at the bathroom? Here is our solution to help prevent fatal slip and fall accidents from happening altogether.

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