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Nanotechnology Waterproofing

Water Leakages Fixed at Ease

Fixing your water leakage problem does not have to be expensive, nor is it necessary to hack up the walls and floors at all. Our hospital-grade waterproofing solution deals with water leakage problems efficiently in the most non-intrusive way – all under 24 hours. No tile-hacking, loud noises, and unpleasant odours are involved in the entire process.

Nano-G_Waterproofing Leakage
Nano-G_Leaking Ceiling
Nano-G_Roof Slab
Nano-G_Leaking Wall
Nano-G_External Wall

Our Waterproofing Solution Is Hospital-Grade

The technology and methods we use in fixing water leakage problems are 100% safe to use and practice even in highly sanitized locations such as hospitals. Hence, you have nothing to worry about if you wish to maintain a peaceful environment in your own home during our waterproofing process. You would not even notice any trace of reworking in your place!

Nano-G_Waterproofing After
Nano-G_Waterproofing Before

No Hacking

You can avoid the hassles for tile-hacking.


You and your kids wouldn’t need to leave the house during the operation.


Saving the trouble for cleaning after operation.


You don’t have to bear with unpleasant smell for days.

Fast Operation

Operation can be done within 24 hours.

Stop Leakages Instantly

You can finally put water leakages problem to rest.

What Is Nanotechnology Waterproofing?

Nanotechnology is the future. Nanotechnology waterproofing essentially means that our solutions create special water-repellent structures at a nano scale (that is 1000 times tinier that microscopic elements). In the waterproofing and property protection industry, our nanotechnology solution delivers the most superior alternative for high-grade protections at only a fraction of what it normally costs.


How Does It Work?

Nanotechnology allows advanced yet minimal modification to properties. solving common problems in an easier and subtler manner. This is achieved through our patented solution which is a water based, liquid formulation, that provides water repellency and moisture protection on surfaces like cement, plaster ceilings, wood, and other materials. This liquid formation seeps into the tiniest capillaries that are invisible even with the microscope – forcing every trace of trapped moisture to evaporate through the pores. 

Our nanotechnology waterproofing method ensures effectiveness, prolonged lifetime of your building surface, and no visible changes on the original natural appearance of the materials.

Officially Recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

We have provided our waterproofing and property protection services to many hospitals. Since our methods are non-intrusive, our processes do not disrupt the daily routines of the staffs and patients in the hospital.

Nano-G_Ministry Of Health

Applicable Areas

We highly recommend waterproofing and protecting the following places in your property, considering that these areas are more prone to weathering and water leakages due to constant exposure to large bodies of water.

Nano-G_icon Bathroom

Remove dampness resulting from constant water exposure.

Nano-G_icon Roof Slab
Roof Slab / Balcony

Prevent growth of health-threatening algae and mold.

Nano-G_icon Car Porch
Car Porch Slab

Protect from cracks, ugly stains & paint-peeling.

Nano-G_icon External Wall
Exterior Wall

Protect your property from the impact of humidity

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