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Hospital-grade Nanotechnology Waterproofing Specialist

Effective No-Hacking, Non-Toxic Waterproofing Solution- Fixed in 24hrs!

Fixing a leaky ceiling or concrete flat roof does not have to be expensive or noisy. Nano-G hospital-grade nanotechnology waterproofing solution deals with water leakage issues efficiently in the most non-intrusive way. We deliver a hassle-free, non-hacking, and dust-free service, all while keeping things neat and free from unpleasant odours!

Our satisfaction-guaranteed solution does not require complicated steps, hacking or chemical injections on floors, walls, and ceilings. Instead, we apply a thin protective nanotechnology layer that penetrates deep into the smallest of hairline cracks and takes around 24 hours to dry!

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Hospital-Grade Waterproofing Solution for Homes, Businesses & Care Centres

The nanotechnology waterproofing and no-hacking methods we use in fixing water leakage problems are 100% trusted by the Ministry of Health in delivering an excellent service. Our hassle-free and disciplined onsite SOP maintains the peace in your home, business, or care centre. Once our application and rectification works are complete, we make sure to leave the premise looking as good as new!

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No Hacking

Waterproof your bathroom, balcony, or concrete flat roof without hammering, knocking or drilling noises.


Our solution is endorsed by Singapore Green Labeling Scheme (SGLS), which is one of Southeast Asia’s most established environmental standards.


Save the time and effort needed to clean your home after rectification work. You and your loved ones don’t have to leave the premise during the application.


Breathe easy once work is done, our solution doesn’t emit harmful smells that linger long after drying time.

Fast Application

We deliver a timely service by having a highly disciplined team and quick-drying materials. Expect on-site services to take no-longer than 24 hours to complete!

Stop Leakages Instantly

Worrying over a recurring water leak that just won’t go away? We have a proven track record in helping premises to stop their persistent water leakage problems.

What is Nanotechnology Waterproofing?

Nanotechnology is the future. Nanotechnology waterproofing essentially means that our solutions create special water-repellent structures at a nano scale (that is 1000 times tinier that microscopic elements). In the waterproofing and property protection industry, our nanotechnology solution delivers the most superior alternative for high-grade protections at only a fraction of what it normally costs.


How Does It Work?

Nanotechnology allows advanced yet minimal modification to properties. solving common problems in an easier and subtler manner. This is achieved through our patented solution which is a water based, liquid formulation, that provides water repellency and moisture protection on surfaces like cement, plaster ceilings, wood, and other materials. This liquid formation seeps into the tiniest capillaries that are invisible even with the microscope – forcing every trace of trapped moisture to evaporate through the pores. 

Our nanotechnology waterproofing method ensures effectiveness, prolonged lifetime of your building surface, and no visible changes on the original natural appearance of the materials.

Officially Recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

We have provided our effective hospital-grade nanotechnology waterproofing solution to many government and private hospitals, as well as care centres, i.e. confinement centres. Our no-hacking methods allow new mothers, patients and babies to not be disturbed by our rectification works while ensuring business to run as usual.

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Get Greater Peace of Mind With Our Latest Breakthrough in Nanotechnology Waterproofing

Nano-G is committed to providing you the best solutions with continuous R&D for enhanced waterproofing.

Common Areas Waterproofed by Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing

In our past projects, we observed most of the severe cases of water damage are found in these areas of a premise.

Nano-G_icon Bathroom
Bathroom or Toilet

10 out of 9 bathroom or toilets in a premise will experience a water leakage problem. Most times, this results in water leakage to the ceiling below.

Nano-G_icon Roof Slab
Concrete Slab Flat Roof or Balcony

Due to Malaysia’s severe weather conditions, concrete slabs are prone to cracks that cause water leakage issues.

Nano-G_icon Car Porch
Car Porch Area

Leaky concrete flat roofs area usually the cause of ugly stains, and bubbling paint at car porch areas, leaving your entrances looking unpresentable.

Nano-G_icon External Wall
Exterior Wall

Extreme weather conditions causes cracks on exterior walls, encouraging water seepage into the home causing ugly water stains and damage to your property.

Need a Second Opinion? Let’s Have Our Customers Do the Convincing for Us.

We are not just all talk. We have helped customers from both residential and commercial buildings with severe water seepage issues. To many, our solution has help fix their leakage issues better than a conventional waterproofing company using PU Injections, Epoxy, torch-on membrane, and more. Find out what makes us their best waterproofing solution.

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