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Anti-Slip Floor Coating

What Is Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating?

All falls experienced by the elderly (aged 60 and above) are very likely to result in major injuries, and in some cases death. In Malaysia alone, reports show that up to 34% of our elderly citizens encounter incidences of accidental slipping and falling.

Reduce the chances of slips and falls at home with our Anti-Slip Floor Coating, which creates an ultra-hard layer that provides excellent friction and water resistance on floors. We highly recommend this solution for homes housing senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with special needs.

Nano-G_Anti-Slip Floor Coating
Nano-G_icon Senior Citizen
Senior Citizens

Protect them from bruises, abrasions, lacerations, and fatalities

Nano-G_icon Pregnant
Pregnant Women

Keep them from being vulnerable to accidental miscarriages caused by slips and falls

Nano-G_icon Disables
Special Needs

Create a barrier-free environment to making life much safer in their own home

No More Slippery Floor!

Our Anti-Slip Floor Coating in your home and workplace can reduce the chances of accidental slips and falls. We highly recommend this solution to households, laboratories, bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, and other areas where occupants are at risk of getting hurt from falling.

Nano-G_Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Non-Acid Etching

Prevent damages
to the surface.

Excellent Friction

Provide excellent friction with two micro grain levels options.

Resist Scratch & Stain

Secure the layer underneath from scratch and stain.

Easy to Clean

Dust and water droplets are repelled from the coating.

Rapid Waterproofing

Provide a quick and easy fix for water repellent.

Rejuvenate Surface

Enhance surface with extra gloss and intensified color.

In Malaysia, slip and fall incidents usually lead to major injuries or deaths
for elderly aged over 60 years.

Applicable Areas

Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating is great for the following surface types:

 Glazed and unglazed tile floorings
 Sandstone walkway
 Artificial and natural wood decking
 Clay flooring
 Granite and marble floorings
 Metal deck

Nano-G_Anti-Slip Floor Coating Surfaces
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