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Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating

What is Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating?

Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating is the no-hacking anti-slip solution that gives your floors the additional friction it needs to stay safe to walk on. Our ultra-hard layer provides excellent friction and is certified by SIRIM to keep slip and fall risk to be less than One-in-a-million. With the grainy texture provided on your coated floors, you can worry less about loved ones using the bathroom, washroom, toilet, kitchen, and many more places by themselves.

We highly recommend Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating for homes with senior citizens. Unfortunately, all falls experienced by the elderly (aged 60 and above) are very likely to result in major injuries and, in some cases, death. In Malaysia alone, reports show that up to 34% of our elderly citizens encounter incidences of accidental slipping and falling.

Our solution is also beneficial for homes with pregnant women, and people with special needs.

Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Who Needs Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floors the Most?

Nano-G_icon Senior Citizen
Senior Citizens

Lowering the risk of fatal injuries from bathroom slip-and-falls for elderly loved ones are crucial in preventing fatal injuries from preventable accidents. As with age, their bodies become more fragile and prone to losing balance. A simple slip can result in a broken bone or more serious injuries.

Nano-G_icon Pregnant
Pregnant Women

As an expecting mother’s body adjusts to bring a growing little one to the home, she becomes more vulnerable to slip and fall accidents that might result in unwanted miscarriages. Worry less by assisting pregnant mums throughout their trimester period by anti-slipping your floor.

Nano-G_icon Disables
Special Needs

Make homes and facilities more accessible by providing more opportunities for independence when using the toilet, bathroom, or kitchen- through reducing slip and fall risks from slippery floors.

Top-Choice Anti-Slip Providers for Celebrities & Influencers

Delivering excellent on-site services to homeowners in need of an effective anti-slip solution for their loved ones. Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating, proven effective by SIRIM, is highly recommended by your favourite celebrities and public figures for our no-hacking methods. Get to know how our service solved their slippery floor problems through their first-hand experiences!

No More Slippery Floor!

Our Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating in your home and workplace can reduce the chances of accidental slips and falls. We highly recommend this solution to households, laboratories, bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, and other areas where occupants are at risk of getting hurt from falling.

Nano-G_Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Non-Acid Etching

Despite being a strong and effective glossy material on your floors, Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating doesn’t damage your existing surfaces during application.

Excellent Friction

Certified by SIRIM as one of the MOST effective anti-slip coating with less than One-in-a-million chance of causing slip and fall accidents.

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Additional layer of protection for your floor’s surface against damage from small stones, shoes, and so on.

Easy to Clean

Despite its grainy texture, our solution prevents water and dust from adhering to the floor, preventing bacteria and mould from clinging onto the surface.

Rapid Waterproofing

Protective layer doubles as a basic waterproofing solution that covers grouts, edges, tile surfaces, and more.

Enhance & Renew Surfaces

Give surfaces a good-as-new look as our glossy anti-slip solution intensifies floor colours without dramatic changes to surface appearances.

In Malaysia, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of major injuries and
sometimes death in the elderly aged 60 years and above.

Common Areas for Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Anti-slip almost anywhere in your premise! From your bathroom tiles, washrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, balconies, and more.

Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating works well with a wide range of surface types. Our micrograin solution can be applied on:

Shiny or glossy porcelain tiles
Outdoor natural or artificial wood decking
Garden sandstone walkways
Clay tile flooring
Metal or ceramic swim decks
Concrete surfaces
Granite or marble flooring

Nano-G_Anti-Slip Floor Coating Surfaces
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