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Water Leaking at Home? Here’s How to Deal with Them

Yellow stains, peeling paint, and leaking in walls or ceilings are symptoms of an underlying serious issue.

Nano-G has noticed that these unsightly symptoms are linked to either broken pipes or hairline cracks, or both.

A burst pipe from prolonged water pressure. From the stream that emits from the crack, it seems that the water pressure was very high indeed.
Photo credit: A step above plumbing
Broken pipes can lead to pipe bursts!
four cracks on the walls, meeting in the middle.
Photo credit: The Constructor
 Hairline cracks can be even smaller than this! 

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, the water damage issues caused by these two issues are similar and can be mistaken for one or the other. While it is possible for these two issues to exist at the same time, understanding the difference between water damage caused by broken pipes or hairline cracks can speed up your decision making for repair jobs.

1. Broken Pipes

A burst pipe in the middle of rectification work.

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a surge of water to cause a pipe to burst or break. As with most things, pipes are subject to wear and tear over time. Especially in Malaysia, where there’s always water disruptions due to our extreme weather conditions and water system maintenance. From rainy seasons to state-wide water system upgrades, our pipes go through changes in water pressure that would lead to cracks and eventually burst.

Our water damage experts explain that to tell if you are experiencing a broken pipe, you’ll notice:

  • A spike in your water bills
  • Poor water quality (low water pressure, rusty water)
  • Paint damage (especially if there is a sink or toilet on the other side of the wall)
  • Water pooling at the corner of your walls.
  • Unpleasant sewage odours (this is related to plumbing issues)

2. Hairline Cracks

Nano-G cracked concrete slab waterproofing.
Hairline cracks are fine cracks that run in roofs, balconies, floor tiles, walls, or in the ceiling; most times, they aren't noticeable until water damage has occurred.

Similarly to broken pipes, these cracks are a result of wear and tear as well. Their differences, however, are in how these hairline cracks can spread to cover the whole surface if left untreated.

What causes these cracks?

  • Temperature fluctuations from the weather (in flat roofs, the building material expands and contracts often)
  • Pooling of water (especially in flat roofs or bathroom tiles)

How to Deal With a Broken Pipe or Cracks?

Broken Pipes

the stained and uneven false ceiling caused by damaging water leakage issues.
 Only call the plumber if you're really sure that the water damage you're experiencing is from a broken pipe!

This issue requires you to contact a plumber, as it is a problem in your home’s water or sanitation system. But, they will be inspecting the leakage problem from your pipes, so be prepared for some hacking on your walls.


Crack repairs are really about finding a way to seal these cracks. 

Here are some waterproofing methods you can try out: 5 Types of Waterproofing Solutions to Fix Water Leakages in Malaysia.

Or, just go straight to using Nano-G’s nanotechnology waterproofing.

Nano-G uses a non-hacking, non-toxic method that creates a thin coating layer that goes into the smallest hairline crack on any surface. What’s more, Nano-G uses a hack-free method to solve your water damage issues. And, because of their dust- and odour-free process, you can still be at home as the product is being applied in your bathroom.

Nano-G also provides a FREE inspection for your suspected water leakage issue. Equipped with years of expertise and high tech thermal scanners, Nano-G’s experts swiftly identify the real cause behind your water damage issues. 

Read more about it here

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