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Nano-G Is Your Condo or Apartment Facing Water Leakage Issues?

Is Your Condo or Apartment Facing Water Leakage Issues?

A water leakage complaint from a downstairs neighbour can come as a surprise. So it’s best to act fast to maintain the peace and solve the issue before it gets worse!

When living in a high-rise building that houses many units all at once, the time will come when you get notified about a persistent water leakage coming from your condo. For some, it may come as early as the first few months or a few years after moving into a house. Either way, your downstairs neighbour might not be too happy about the situation and it’s best to find a way to get your water leakage issue fixed! 

Here are 3 quick solutions you can use to waterproof your apartment or condo.

1. PU injections for a quick bandaid fix- if your neighbour agrees to it, of course.

This conventional waterproofing method will have a contractor pumping in chemicals into the ceiling of the affected floor! As you wait for the solution to dry, expect it to leak and splatter from these cracks.

PU injections are a waterproofing method that drills a line of holes on the ceiling that will be filled up with an expanding Polyurethane foam. While it might not be a hacking method, it still requires drilling, repainting, and the use of a loud mix-and-pump motor.

Because the contractor needs to first find the problem area, they will have to look at the leaking ceiling in question. So you will have to coordinate with your downstairs neighbour to allow contractors into their home.

By the way, your neighbour should be reminded that this method might lead to a lot of fine dust and noise during the drilling process! Imagine this: your upstairs condo neighbour is probably very frustrated about the water leakage issue and just wants some peace. If you introduce a noisy, messy, and dirty procedure to their home, that they have to schedule by themselves- it could escalate the issue! It’s much better if you can waterproof your bathroom without troubling your neighbours.

2. Epoxy waterproofing for a thick, waterproofing layer- that changes the overall look of your bathroom floor’s surface.

Laying down epoxy waterproofing coatings takes an experienced hand and special safety equipment to make sure the layer is even and covers the floor thoroughly. As you can see, it will change the overall look of the floor below.

You might get recommendations from friends to let contractors use the epoxy waterproofing methods on your floors. This technique coats the entire floor from wall to wall into one big layer that usually has a design. Because of its wide coverage, it’s a popular technique used in low-cost homes, public toilets and even car park areas. 

This waterproofing method, however, will change the whole look of your bathroom or toilet. Because of the way it is applied and dried, the coating is irreversible after application. 

Not to mention, some service providers might choose to first sand your perfectly fine tiled floors to create a rough surface. Some solutions require a very specific profile that allows the epoxy to properly bind and stay on the floor. So, expect your expensive tiles to get thoroughly scratched and damaged!

Want to know more about Epoxy Waterproofing? We’ve prepared an article just for you.

Nano-G Waterproofing Solutions Using Epoxy Coating And 'No Hacking' Method

3. Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing: a no-hack, low noise & clear waterproofing method for your bathroom tiles.

By the time I realised there was a leakage for 3 months, the wallpaper had begun to fade. I wanted to try out Nano-G’s waterproofing technology as I found it to be quite innovative. Nano-G’s on-site team was very professional. They even brought their own footwear and kept the surroundings clean as they were working.

Encik Syed Muzaffar from Semenyih

When it comes to rectifying water leakage issues at home, we’re the experts you should turn to. Using the minuscule powers of nanotechnology, our solution is able to penetrate deep into the cracks of your grouts to waterproof the surface without the need to hack at your tiles. Our methods only require a thin layer of our solution onto your tiles to provide your grouts with the hydrophobic power it needs to fix your bathroom floors from causing any more water damage to the floor below.

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing is Certified by NanoVerify

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing is certified by NanoVerify to provide most surfaces with water-repelling features even at the nanoscale.

Our solution is recognised by our local Nanotechnology body, NanoVerify, as using a well-made revolutionary nanotechnology waterproofing solution with origins from Greece! So much so that we’re one of the recommended waterproofing service providers recommended by the KKM to serve government hospitals and clinics for all their water leakage issues. 

Figure out the quality of a waterproofing service with just a few clicks!

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It’s not easy to deal with inter-floor water leakage issues when you’re the leaking unit. You’re likely to be blamed for not doing something about it- especially when the issue seems to be recurring.

That’s why it’s a good move that you’re taking responsibility to settle the issue once and for all! Whether you choose to work with your neighbour to work out a PU injection project, or to get the help of an epoxy waterproofing contractor, or to just jump straight to a satisfaction-guaranteed solution, we recommend talking to our Nano-G waterproofing consultants first to get your water leakage issues in your condo assessed.

Need help with your water leakage problems? We’re the experts for you, message us on these platforms:

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