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Hospital-Grade Waterproofing & Anti-Slip Floor Coating Solutions Provider

About Nano-G

Nano-G Central Sdn Bhd is a company that offers waterproofing services which incorporate the use of hospital-grade, eco-friendly nanotechnology solutions without the need for renovation or tile-hacking along with anti-slip floor coating solutions. Our breakthrough waterproofing method has been used to solve water leakage problems in over 1,000 homes and corporate offices combined – including several hospitals across Malaysia.

Nano-G focuses on environmental sustainability by introducing Green Technology products and its applications. Our products primarily explores the use of nanotechnology to create invisible surface barriers that repel water, oil, and stains – with an addition of great benefits such as anti-microbial and self-cleaning across all kinds of treated surfaces. Clients enjoy the benefits of lowered costs, no air or noise pollution, and most importantly saved time.

Apart from that, our company also provides an Anti-Slip Floor Coating service which creates an ultra-hard layer that provides excellent friction and water resistance for household surfaces. This coating is a highly recommended solution for households with senior citizens, pregnant women, or people with special needs to help prevent any accidental slip and fall.

Our technology aside, Nano-G also ensures to provide the best customer service to our clients – whether they are individual homes or giant corporate buildings. Testimonies from our satisfied clients can attest that our trained staffs have always left the premises clean and tidy throughout the waterproofing process. Our goal is to rectify the water leakage problem within the shortest time possible – usually under 24 hours.

Our core business is to provide waterproofing solution to overcome water leakages problems faced by households, commercial buildings, hospitals, and to provide a safe environment at home with our Anti-Slip Flooring services. Our revenue mainly comes from our core services mentioned above – on top of value-added services such as warranty extension and optional packages to waterproof and slip-proof more areas and surfaces in the building with our waterproofing and anti-slip solutions.

Get Greater Peace of Mind with Our Latest Breakthrough in Nanotechnology Waterproofing

Nano-G is committed to providing you the best solutions with continuous R&D for enhanced waterproofing.

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Nano-G Central Sdn Bhd provides innovative and efficient solutions that homeowners would recommend and corporations would trust. Customer relations aside, Nano-G is also a company focusing on green technology and sustainability for our environment. Therefore, we take extra measures to ensure that the services we provide are efficient, high quality, eco-friendly, and hassle-free.


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