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Nano-G The Superior Waterproofing Method

Why Nano-G Is The Superior Waterproofing Specialist To Solve Your Water Leakage Problems

Pioneering non-intrusive, no-hack waterproofing methods in the market since 2014, we specialise in the industrial applications of nanotechnology to safeguard homes and commercial buildings from the damages of water leakage problems.

As of May 2022, we have helped thousands of residential homes (terrace houses, condominiums, bungalows) and buildings (retail shops, healthcare facilities, swimming centres) overcome water leakage problems – putting an end to unsightly issues such as mould and algae growth, discolouration, warping of wooden structures, etc.

Nano-G's mould spots & discoloration on ceiling

Mould stains, discoloration, and wood warping are surefire signs of a water leakage problem.

Notice mould stains on your ceiling or wall? Your property is at risk of water leakage! Read up on what you need to know about the stages of damage and leaks.

Nano-G's Water Stain Signs of Water Leakage

Facing these signs of water leakage in your home or building? Get a FREE inspection and consultation from our Nano G specialists.

How does Nano-G’s no-hacking waterproofing method work?

At Nano-G, we use advanced nanotechnology to combat water leakage problems, whether it’s preventing or solving. By leveraging on scientific breakthroughs, hacking and drilling works become unnecessary – and this gives us a massive competitive advantage over other companies who also offer waterproofing services. 

Our nanotechnology waterproofing method uses a combination of eco-friendly solutions that are transparent and odourless, which is then applied over surfaces or grouts.The solution then penetrates any pores or hairline cracks, fortifying the treated surfaces with a hydrophobic layer inside out – thus repelling any water particles from seeping through.

Nano-G’s solution penetrates treated surfaces to create a hydrophobic layer inside out.

Moreover, our waterproofing solution requires less than 48 hours to complete, as compared to conventional methods that involve intrusive, noisy, and messy renovations inside an occupied building. Thus, over the years, we have risen to become one of the top choices of waterproofing solution companies among our customers and clients.

Is this Nanotechnology Waterproofing method safe?

Our waterproofing solutions are hospital-grade, do not have any adverse impact on health, and are recognized as safe and trusted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to service all government hospitals throughout the country. We are also accredited by various regulatory bodies such as SIRIM, NanoVerify, ISO and more.

The solutions we use meet stringent international standards, and are certified low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) making it safer than wall paints and various industrial coating chemicals used in construction. We have also earned the Green Label certification as our solutions do not release toxic gases that affect the residents and the workers.

Nano-G's Award & Recognitions

Our complete list of accreditations from both local and international regulatory bodies.

Our Nanotechnology Waterproofing methods are carried out by trained professionals only.

Nano-G's Highly Trained Staff
Nano-G's Highly Trained Staff

Our workers are equipped with safety training and power tools to ensure that we leave our customers satisfied with our service.

Our technical team and workers are professionally trained to follow a strict standard of procedures and safety to ensure a pleasant experience for our customers and clients. If you hired us for our services, you will observe that our workers clean the surface both before and after applying our nanotechnology solutions, and leave no mark or mess behind after the rectification work is completed.

Nano-G's Highly Professional Process & No-Mess

Before & after our work completion – customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Money-back guarantee and warranty for your peace of mind.

We understand the headaches that water leakage issues cause to homeowners and facility managers – especially when you have probably engaged multiple contractors to arrest the problem at hand. Thus, Nano-G offers a warranty after the rectification work (duration and TnC depends on scale of rectification) to give you a peace of mind and the assurance that our solution will keep your worries at bay for many years to come.

We are highly confident in the abilities of our waterproofing solutions and its lasting effects. Should your water leakage issue still persist – which could be due to many other reasons, we will refund your money. 

Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing is your best choice if you are hesitant about drilling, hacking, and renovation works to solve your water leaking issues.

Nano-G is a company that is genuinely passionate about bringing real, sustainable solutions to homes and industries, and our employees also share the same goals – all of which are evident through the quality of the services and final works we deliver.

We have hundreds of testimonies to attest to our works. Check out these testimonials from our customers from all walks of life – they consist of regular people, artists, and even celebrities in Malaysia!

Want to know more about the differences between hacking vs no-hacking methods? Here is our past article that looks into the difference between the two methods.

Nano-G Hacking or Non-hacking Waterproofing Solutions

What do they love most about our service? Find out in the video above.

Are you facing the same water leakage problems? We look forward to serving you! Book for your appointment for a FREE site inspection, and experience first-hand the quality of service you receive from our technical team. 

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