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Nano-G Water Stain Causes Leak at Home & Offices

Notice a water stain? You might have a water leak

Yellowing corners or watermarks on your walls are a sign that you should call Nano-G’s Inspection team to help assess your premise.

Homes, offices, and businesses are prone to hidden water leakage issues that seem to come out of nowhere- a faint watermark can turn into an ugly, unsightly hole in a matter of weeks if left unchecked. It’s definitely a shame to have if you’re expecting guests!

Catch that stain before it becomes a leak! Nano-G’s inspection team comes with a thermal scanner to detect any water damage that has occurred, for FREE! 

Unfortunately, an unsightly yellow patch in your ceiling is already a sign that action must be taken before your stain becomes a hole, or worse- MOULD. If you start seeing any black spots, it’s a sign that germs, fungus, or algae have been building up for a long period of time.

You’ll have to act fast- these colonies can spread to other areas of your premises.

Nano-G water stain development causes mould growth and it can cause the water leaking at home & offices

Of course, with all this organic matter growing on your surfaces, you should expect some pests to appear alongside damage to your walls and ceilings.

We want to help you keep your premises safe, clean, and mould-free!

Nano-G’s team of highly-trained waterproofing experts is at your service. After our inspection to find out the hidden cause behind your water stain or yellowing paint, we offer all our clients a full-service Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing service that’s recommended by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Providing owners with no-hacking, noise-free waterproofing for a more peaceful and reliable service. Get a quote from Nano-G today via…

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Or give our hotline a call at 1800-18-6266

2 Replies

  1. Hashim
    at 7:28 am

    My toilet at 1st floor appear black spot on the ceiling of ground floor. Please give me a quote how much will cost me to rectify this.
    Toilet size 5×7 ft
    Thank you

    • nanog@admin
      at 11:53 am

      Hi Hashim,
      Please fill up our Contact Form at nanog.com.my/contact-us/ with your request and information, or give our hotline a call at 1800-18-6266 so our team can discuss this issue with you further. Thank you.

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