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5 Types of Waterproofing Solutions to Fix Water Leakages in Malaysia

How to waterproof your walls, ceilings, and flat roofs at home, in the office, or at your business, to prevent black and yellow stains from getting worse.

Malaysian households and workplaces are prone to moldy walls or ceilings- especially in landed homes, condominiums and even shop lots. 

A water leaking issue from the upstairs bathroom has caused the ceiling to grow black mould and dark stains.
 In fact, you’re probably experiencing an ugly black or yellow stain on your ceiling right now that just won’t go away! 

The reason behind these unsightly stains is likely due to a water leakage issue in your toilet or balcony cement slab. If you don’t resolve these leakages fast, the stain could become a health hazard!

Worry not, you can keep your leak from getting worse and solve your leaks by using these waterproofing solutions on your leak-prone areas.

1. Cement your leak-prone cracks

A contractor cementing the corners of a building as a way to waterproof corners.
Photo credit:  W.R meadows
 Cement coatings are  used at the side of buildings as a form of external waterproofing.  

This cheap waterproofing method uses cement mixed with acrylic additives to make a solid waterproof material used in sides of buildings or cement flat roofs. This is to seal places most likely to pool water from rain. Your hired contractor will spread a layer of cement mixture over hairline cracks to fill them in and prevent them from spreading. 

Unfortunately, cement is still cement. Aside from its long drying time, this mixture is not very flexible. Temperature fluctuations throughout the day is likely to cause cracks when the cement expands and contracts. This makes it highly unsuitable for our Malaysian weather. As our weather jumps from being hot and humid, to rainy at a moment’s notice. Overtime, your cement coating might crack, making the roof more susceptible to leakage.

2. Coat a layer of asphalt on your cement flat roof

 Bituminous (also known as asphalt) coatings use the same material found on roads. 

Asphalt, or more specifically, bituminous coatings, are a petroleum-based waterproofing method. As a flexible material, it can be applied like paint, or stuck on surfaces as an adhesive. With its rubbery consistency, this method is pressure resistant to damage. As such, bituminous waterproof coating is usually used on flat areas like flat roofs.

However, this waterproofing material is not suitable for places that have sun exposure as it gets hot easily. You will need an additional cement coating to prevent it from cracking. Some of Nano-G’s experienced contractors recommends against using this material indoors. This is because the material used emits a faint odor that is harmful if inhaled for long periods of time.

3. Fill cracks with a PU injection

What if you want to try something that requires less mixing? A PU (Polyurethane) injection is another common way to fill up cracks found in the ceiling. Unfortunately, these techniques require drilling. Firstly, your contractor will treat the suspected leakage area by drilling a hole into the ceiling. Then, they will stick a motorized pump into the ceiling to fill in the hole with the expanding liquid.

In theory, this seems like your seal will reach a wide surface area but it’s not guaranteed to fill in every hairline crack.

Unsightly PU injections in the ceiling.
Photo credit: Dryproof Waterproofing.
 PU injections take a week to dry off before your contractor comes back to remove these unsightly drips. 

4. Coat a layer of epoxy resin on your floor

Okay, what about epoxy resin? This is remarked to be a very cheap method to cover all cracks in the floor, ceiling, or balcony. Your epoxy resin floor will also double as an anti-slip solution as well- but these benefits are only temporary.

Like the previous methods, you will have to be touch up and re-layer epoxy coatings over time. Not to mention, there will be a tedious pre-cleaning time and long waiting period until the floor is safe to be walked on again.

Epoxy coating belongs in the carpark, not your home!
Photo credit: Learncoatings
 And do you really want your toilet, ceiling, or roof looking like a carpark? 

5. Use nanotechnology waterproofing by Nano-G

One way to prevent water leakages is by waterproofing areas that tend to pool water.
 Have your bathroom tiles look brand new again!  

Instead of going through the trial and error of figuring out what’s the best method to waterproof your bathroom tiles, ceiling or roof, get an expert to inspect your stain or leaking issues!

Nano-G uses a non-hacking, non-toxic method that creates a thin layer of coating that goes into the smallest hairline crack on any surface. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor coating. Unlike the previous waterproofing methods, Nano-G’s nanotechnology waterproofing technology is dust-free and odor-free. You can still be at home as the product is being applied in your bathroom, balcony, or on your ceiling. What’s more, the waterproofing application only takes 24 hours to dry!

Read more about Nano-G’s waterproofing services here:

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  1. Nor Lani bin Othman

    Its good article for me. I ve a job at putrajaya using conventional method of water proofing, using typical brand in Malaysia on the top roof of car porch. The problem is they applied of water proofing coating as a final coating. Just laid on cement rendered. The finishes cannot go last, eventually web crack has appeared everywhere. Is it can be resolve using your method and product?

    • nanog@admin

      Hi Nor Lani!

      Your water leaking problem seems to be quite bad!
      Call us to discuss this matter through our hotline : 1800-18-6266, or send us a message through whatsapp : +60 11-1647 5885 !

    • nanog@admin
      at 3:59 pm

      Hi Madam Ting, so sorry for the late reply.
      Currently, we only provide services in Peninsular Malaysia. While it is part of our plans to expand to East Malaysia, we won’t be able to serve clients in Sarawak just yet.

      • Nordin Ghanny
        at 12:25 am

        Hai….my toilet floor need waterproofing,can you come and advise me the way forward..

        • nanog@admin
          at 5:41 pm

          Hi Nordin!
          Yes, we’ll be able to help you with your toilet’s waterproofing issues. Please call us to discuss this matter through our hotline: 1800-18-6266, or send us a message through whatsapp: +6010-235 8850!

  2. James
    at 7:00 pm

    Hi, we have some residential clients house ‘s rooftop, walls, car porch ceilings have water leakage. Do you have any partner in Johor Bahru or Gelang Patah area that we can work with ?

    2. Due to current COVID19 prevention and SOP concern and to protect clients’ family members in the houses, do your partner workers go to our clients house can detect , check the water leakage without go in our clients’ house ? ( End users can take video or live whatsapp video to show inside their house )

    Kindly advise, Thank you

    • nanog@admin
      at 6:08 pm

      Hi James, our customer service team would like to know more about your issue, would you be able to message us on our WhatsApp number, Facebook messenger or call our hotline at 1800-18-6266? In that way, we would be able to serve you and your clients better.

      Thank you!

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