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Nano-G's Waterproofing Solution for Condominiums and Apartments

Effective Waterproofing for Condos & Apartments

The Ministry of Health (MOH)’s top service provider to give your property an immediate water leak fix.

The best part about owning your own space is the absolute privacy and pride of having a nice place you can call your own. In high-rise homes, this peace is often disrupted by a downstairs neighbour experiencing a persistent water leak coming from YOUR unit!

Now, dealing with inter-floor water leakage issues can be quite stressful. In Malaysia’s Strata Management Act, if water leakage is experienced through the downstairs neighbour’s ceiling, the upstairs neighbour is responsible to fix the issue. 

This whole process can be quite complicated and troublesome for you, the upstairs’ neighbour, because you’ll have to find the right waterproofing solutions provider that won’t leave your home dusty and musty after a long few days of renovation work.

We’ll cut to the chase, instead of combing through hundreds of possible service providers, call Nano-G. We are formally recognised by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to pull off a professional, hassle-free, no-hacking waterproofing service!

1. We deliver an effective & immediate water leak fix on compromised ceilings, floors, and walls within 24 to 48 hours.

Nano-G Waterproofing Solutions are Fast and Effective

Our solution tackles leaking bathroom problems at common problem area; the grouts! Once dried, expect your bathroom to cause no more water leaking issues to your neighbours downstairs.

The nanotechnology waterproofing solution we use is industry-approved by NanoVerify, the pioneers of nanotechnology solutions backed by QAS SIRIM International. That means our solution is tested and checked by industry experts as to being true to our word- satisfaction guaranteed! 

Not only that, our projects don’t take any longer than 24 hours to apply, clean and dry for small rooms (like toilets), and 48 hours for bigger sized areas. On top of giving you a hassle-free and speedy service, we also go the extra mile in patching up the damage your water leakages have caused. This is our personal SOP we provide free of charge. 

Our qualifications and speedy project times are what ultimately let us get one foot through the door in our industry. The next thing we knew, we had become the MOH’s trusted and preferred waterproofing experts for government hospitals across Malaysia.

2. Our no-hacking Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing method keeps our service dust-free.

Nano-G Provides Hassle-free Waterproofing Solutions

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing uses a no-hacking method when conducting our services. We believe that if there aren’t any major faults in your existing floor tiles, you shouldn’t have to hack, knock, drill, or grind on your tiles when they’re still in good shape!

Unlike many conventional waterproofing methods, Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing requires no hacking, drilling, or knocking during our onsite service. Instead, our on-site SOP has us preparing the work area to be clean and free from debris before applying our solution in the grouts of the bathroom, balcony, or kitchen. After application, we will do another round of cleaning to make sure we leave your home spotless and waterproofed.

What’s the difference between hacking and no-hacking waterproofing?

Nano-G Hacking or Non-hacking Waterproofing Solutions

3. Noise-free, lets you go about your day at ease.

Because our solution doesn’t hack, drill, or knock on your floors to work, our solution doesn’t create any noise disturbances that will disrupt your daily routine. In fact, this reason is why many hospitals or care centres like to engage with our services in the first place. 

Our criteria to solve this (waterproofing) problem was we don’t want to disturb the mothers, our business, and the babies. Since our business is ongoing, if there’s hacking and dust, our whole centre will not be able to operate… After engaging with Nano-G’s services, I realised their staff were very fast and also very professional and did not affect the mother’s or baby’s rest.

Mr Edward, Woyo Confinement Centre

4. An eco-friendly, non-toxic solution that doesn’t require homeowners to leave the house during the application process.

Nano-G Provides an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Water Proofing Solutions

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution is SGLS-approved to be a non-toxic and sustainable alternative for homes. SGLS stands for the Singaporean Green Labelling Scheme, Singapore’s leading certification board that holds the region’s most stringent environmental standards in the market.

On top of being dust-free, our solution is a certified eco-friendly solution that has been approved by the Singaporean Green Labeling Scheme (SGLS). The Singaporean certification has our region’s most stringent rules when it comes to labelling a solution as environmentally conscious and sustainable. This certification also means that homeowners don’t have to vacate the home during the application process because the solution itself doesn’t release harmful fumes during the drying process.

5. A water-repellent, hydrophobic solution that seals up cracks, preventing further waterproofing failure and making floors easier to clean in the long run.

Our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution provides a protective layer that keeps water from being able to seep into a surface’s cracks or pores. This ultimately prevents water from seeping through, causing water leakage issues to persist.

We tackle water leakage issues from the source. Many times, waterproofing for bathrooms or tiled areas are only an issue with grouts. They cause issues for homeowners because of cracks that form from wear-and-tear over time. Unfortunately, these cracks and the porous surfaces are where bacteria and mould would grow.

Our nanotechnology waterproofing solution is able to penetrate into the thinnest cracks and smallest pores found in your grout’s surfaces. Basically, our solution seals the holes and cracks to prevent water from seeping through. At the same time, our solution will also prevent bacteria and mould from clinging to your grouts.

In the long run, cleaning your floors will require less scrubbing and the use of harsh cleaning agents to get rid of microbial buildup. 

Thanks to the way our solution works, we were able to serve many government hospitals.

Nano-G strives to provide homeowners with an affordable hospital-grade waterproofing solution that gives their bathroom water leakage issues an immediate, 24-hour fix. Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing is a revolutionary no-hacking waterproofing method that doesn’t create a lot of noise, dust, or toxic fumes during the application process. Our solution is SGLS-certified as an eco-friendly and non-toxic solution that is safe to be used in residential homes and in the presence of homeowners. 

Need help with your water leakage problems? We’re the experts for you, message us on these platforms:

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WhatsApp nanog.wasap.my
Or give our hotline a call at 1800-18-6266

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