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Nano-G Waterproofing FAQ

13 Questions about Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing

We answer your frequently asked questions about our solution for homes and businesses.

Nano-G Waterproofing FAQ & Enquiries

Doing your research before booking an appointment with Nano-G’s waterproofing experts? We’ve compiled some of the most common enquiries we receive on the regular about our service and solution.

When it comes to finding a no-hacking, effective, and hassle-free waterproofing provider, it can be a long, tedious vetting process. So, we’re saving you time and energy by listing out these most common questions we receive daily about our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution.

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing FAQ

1. I’m not sure where the source of my water leakage is coming from. Does Nano-G know how to trace and check where the water seepage is coming from that is causing moisture and yellow stains on the wall?

Nano-G Waterproofing FAQ

Nano-G uses a highly-accurate thermal scanner that detects water seepage issues in your home. We use this technology during our free first inspection of your premises.

Yes, we use a thermal imaging scanner to find the source of water leakages during our first inspection of your premises.

2. Can I use Nanotechnology Waterproofing for a leaking car porch area?

Yes! In fact, our solution can be used to fix leaks at any flat roofs, exterior surfaces, balconies, swimming pools, and more. Head over to our projects page to see which areas of your home could use an additional protective waterproofing layer.

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3. I’m looking for a no-hacking solution that is also dust-free, and suitable around residential areas. Is Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing suitable for use in my home?

Nano-G Provides Hassle-free Waterproofing Solutions

Homeowners of both strata (condos, apartments) and landed properties like Nano-G’s services because we keep the peace when carrying out work.

Yes. Our Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution is a safe, efficient, and no-hacking waterproofing solution. Because we don’t need to hack at your tiles, roofing, or concrete flooring, you won’t experience any dusty or noisy inconveniences for you or your neighbours.

4. Do you provide your waterproofing inspection services outside the Klang Valley?

At the moment, Nano-G only provides services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Nilai and Seremban. Please contact us via our WhatsApp or hotline number and we’ll direct you to our teammates closest to you.

5. Is Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing better than conventional waterproofing methods?

While every waterproofing method has its pros and cons, we highly recommend homeowners and business owners alike to give our solution a try. Our solution creates a powerful protective layer on the affected area, sealing up hairline cracks and repelling water away from settling on top of it too!

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6. Can your solution fix the mistakes of other waterproofing methods I used before?

This really depends on what our experts have assessed when giving your area an inspection. But we’re proud to let you know that most of Nano-G’s waterproofing clients have found our solution to be the one that fixes their water leaks for good!

7. What is the warranty period for Nano-G Nanotechnology waterproofing?

Our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing services come with different warranty periods depending on the packages you choose to use. But generally, we will return for patching up should any recurring leakages occur after our rectification work. Please talk to our sales representative to find out what is the most suitable package for you.

8. Can I buy your waterproofing solution and paint by myself?

No, for the best and most effective outcome of our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution, please leave it to our experts to apply the solution for you. It is not as simple as painting and leaving the solution to dry. Not to mention, our services go beyond just applying the solution and are inclusive of a thorough cleanup before and after work is done.

9. Should I use your waterproofing method during the construction time of my home or only when I notice leaks?

The best time to apply Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing is once all construction or renovation is complete. This is because we want to minimise any dust leftover in the work area from affecting the application process. You can choose to apply it just after your home renovations are done before moving in or to engage with our services when you begin to notice a leak.

10. How long do I wait before I can use my bathroom again?

Depending on the size of the work area, it should take about 24 to 48 hours to cure. We recommend speaking to our waterproofing experts to find out how long exactly you should wait for your bathroom to be usable again.

11. Can we use your solutions for retaining walls to prevent water from leaking through the exterior walls of my building?

Yes, you can. Our hydrophobic solution will make your exterior walls last longer and prevent mold growth.

12. There’s a water leakage issue coming from the above apartment, but the owner refused to repair it. Can your solutions be applied to my ceiling to prevent water from leaking through?

No. Our solution has to be applied on the surface that is causing leakage (neighbour’s bathroom floor). We suggest passing our contact to your neighbour and letting them know that our solution requires no hacking and takes less than 24 hours to solve the problem. We have a monthly installment repayment plan that will be tailored according to your neighbour’s needs, too.

13. How do you charge for your waterproofing service? Do you calculate based on the size of the room (sqft)?

Yes, we provide an estimated cost during the quotation stage based on the size of the work area. Please talk to our customer service and get a quick quotation by sharing the sqft of your bathroom, toilet, balcony, or exterior surfaces. You can also claim a FREE inspection and during our visit, we will measure the size for you. For the quickest response, contact our team via WhatsApp.

We hope our article has answered your most pressing questions about our waterproofing solution. Contact Nano-G via these platforms if you have more enquiries!

Facebook m.me/nanogmalaysia
WhatsApp nanog.wasap.my
Or give our hotline a call at 1800-18-6266

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