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Nano-G 4th Gen Hospital-Grade Waterproofing Solution

Nano-G Introduces Its 4th Generation Hospital-Grade Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution

After 10 years of continuous research, development, servicing, and solving waterproofing issues for commercial & residential buildings across Malaysia, the company announces its 4th breakthrough in technology.

Nano-G is widely known in Malaysia’s waterproofing industry as the pioneer in leveraging the power of nanotechnology to prevent and overcome water leakage issues in homes and buildings. The company uses a water-based, liquid formulation that creates water-repelling protection on treated surfaces. Instead of sealing the porous surfaces with a film or later, the solution penetrates the microscopic capillaries of the surfaces that no elastomer or polymer can reach – to create a hydrophobic effect from the inside out. 

Since its first introduction in 2010, the formulation has evolved over 4 generations after continuous R&D in Greece. 

The superiority of Nano-G Hospital-grade Nanotechnology 4th Generation Waterproofing as compared to other regular or conventional waterproofing solutions in the market can be attested by client testimonials and various regulatory bodies in Malaysia.

Here are 5 validated pieces of evidence of the quality of our nanotechnology solution.

1. The first Waterproofing Solution in Malaysia to receive the NANOVerify certification by SIRIM.

As the industry’s pioneer, Nano-G had invested heavily in nanotechnology solutions even before the term was trending. With a growing interest in nanotechnology in recent years – both globally and locally, we see a rise in false claims by companies and independent contractors promoting their products and solutions as “nanotechnology”. 

To combat the widespread misconception and protect the interest of the scientific community, SIRIM has enforced a set of stringent tests and standards for nanotechnology products and services in Malaysia under NANOVerify,  to undergo various characterization of nanoparticle tests. It is a branch of nanometrology that deals with the characterization, or measurement, of the physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles

Nano-G is the first company in Malaysia to receive the NANOVerify certification. The company is awarded the NANOVerified and NANOTrusted marking scheme for labeling and advertising usage. These accreditations serve as an assurance to clients and customers that Nano-G’s solutions are genuine as claimed.

Nano-G Accredited by NanoVerify

The NanoVerify certifications ensure the genuineness of our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution.

2. Engineered with a patented Greek Technology with CE quality marking scheme.

Nano-G Hospital-grade Nanotechnology 4th Generation Waterproofing is patented and validated by trusted quality assurance boards in Greece and Europe. The solutions we use bear the CE quality marking scheme, indicating that the formula has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet European safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Nano-G CE Marking Registration

This modern structural building is The Onassis Cultural Center in Greece. The building complies with European Safety standards to maintain the structures of the building, and their engineers use our Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution to adhere to the policies.

3. Hospital-grade and environmentally friendly with Green Label certification.

The environmentally-friendly aspect of Nano-G Hospital-grade Nanotechnology 4th Generation Waterproofing solution has successfully gained approval from the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), which simultaneously represents recognition from the Global Ecolabelling Network.

This green certification is one of the key factors that lead to Nano-G being selected as the appointed waterproofing specialist for all government hospitals across Malaysia. On top of the solution’s safe-if-inhaled and low VOC properties, Nano-G’s non-disruptive waterproofing methods allow hospital employees and patients to carry on with their day-to-day operations and routines.

Nano-G Recognized as Eco-Friendly Solution

Our waterproofing solution is eco-friendly and human-safe to ensure the health and safety of our staffs and consumers during and after application.

Browse through our Past Projects to see the hospitals that use Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing!

4. Nanotechnology coating is high breathability and non-film-forming. 

Nano-G’s formula does not create a “plastic film” on the treated surface. Instead, the solution has the same viscosity as water, is invisible and odourless, and creates water-repelling protection from the inside out of the treated surface through deep penetration of the hydrophobic nanoparticles into the pores of the substrates. Since this treatment does not seal the pores, it eliminates any chances of trapped moisture or humidity from beneath or behind the treated surface – and allows moisture to evaporate  through the open pores to relieve negative capillary pressure. In this manner, swelling and cracking of treated surfaces are prevented.

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution penetrates treated surfaces to create a hydrophobic layer inside out.

Nano-G-Non-Breathable-Waterproofing Coating Causes Trapped Moisture

Non-breathable waterproofing coatings are thick, separate layers applied on top of existing floors. That means trapped moisture are unable to evaporate through the layer, and will instead build up pressure beneath the film – eventually causing bubbling and peeling to occur.

5. Long-lasting, UV-resistant and withstands harsh weather.

Modified surfaces that are treated with Nano-G Hospital-grade Nanotechnology 4th Generation Waterproofing solution are resistant to abrasion, deterioration, or mechanical wear. The modified surfaces are also more resistant to UV radiation damage from the Sun and do not turn yellow over time. These factors combine to demonstrate that treated surfaces exhibit prolonged durability against various weathering and human-use damages.

Nano-G's Waterproofing Solution UV-Resistant

Nano-G Nanotechnology is a long-lasting waterproofing solution that protects your premise against damages from rain and harmful UV rays.


Nano-G Hospital-grade Nanotechnology 4th Generation Waterproofing solution has an impressive track record of success as the most effective water repellent for cement, mortar, grout, porous or natural stone. Ideal for walls and basements, rooftop water repellent, render and stucco protection, mould growth prevention, efflorescence prevention, tile grout sealing, and rising damp protection.

Is your home or building facing a water leakage threat or damage? Contact Nano-G now for a FREE inspection. Our professionals are trained in the technical aspects of the solution, as well as in the area of application and safety.

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