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Fatal Slip and Fall Injuries in Malaysia are More Common Than You Think

Everyone knows someone that has slipped and fallen before and that someone is probably someone close to you.

It’s happened. You’ve slipped and fallen at the toilet and now you’re hurting all over. If you’re reading this now, it means you’re well and fine, but not everyone is as lucky. There have been cases where the elderly have slipped in the bathroom alone with no one to help them for a period of time. They don’t always recover from these falls.

 On 19 December 2019, an elderly woman was found dead on the bathroom floor by her son. Reportedly, this was a result of a slip and fall accident. 

Unfortunately, This Is Not an Isolated Case.

Photo credit: Johnny Grieg

Back in 2018, the Malaysian National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) reported that 15% of  adults over the age of 60 had fallen at least once over 12 months. One in two suffered injuries, while one in five were hospitalised.

Slip and falls can happen anywhere, not just on wet tiles.

In the case of Afif, a boy from Johor who had a serious slip and fall accident at the staircase.

An injured child with bruised eyes and a cut nose, caused by a slip and fall accident near the staircase.
Photo credit: DamianaJun

Afif’s face when on his father’s shoulder was facing backwards. So, when Afif’s father fell on his back, Afif’s face planted on the pillar next to the stairs and slid along the railing.  

The sharp edge on the surface of the railing pierced right on Afif’s nasal bone, causing a hole that was quite deep, about 3.8 centimeters. “


Aside from death, slip and fall accidents can cause other near-fatal accidents such as brain damage, miscarriages, and so on.

How to Avoid These Injuries

The best way to avoid these injuries is to prevent slip and fall accidents altogether.  As a habit, you could keep your house well lit and neat, or have a pair of house slippers.

Most slip and falls happen in bathrooms and toilets, here are some ways to prevent a slip and fall accident : 5 Ways to Prevent a Bathroom Slip and Fall in Malaysia

Or, you could use Nano-G’s anti-slip solution on your tiles and staircases.

Look, your bathroom or staircase can be the most well lit and neat spaces to walk about in your squeaky slippers. But the fact of the matter is, you’re still not fixing the real reason why you’re slipping and falling: a slippery surface. And some surfaces don’t even need to be wet to be slippery!

Worried about her older family members’ frailty,  988 Radio’s DJ Gan Mei Yan got Nano-G to coat her tiles.

Here’s what DJ Gan Mei Yan had to say about Nano-G’s anti-slip floor coating.

Nano-G’s anti-slip coating doesn’t change the look of the surface! Instead, it has a grainy surface that is very nice to walk on and that doesn’t even get slippery when wet! This coating also makes bathroom tiles easier to maintain because it prevents the surface from leaving stains.”

Gan Mei Yan,  Malaysian DJ / Host / Voice Talent

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