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Nanotechnology vs PU Injection

Everything You Need to Know about PU Injections to Solve Your Leakage Problem

The differences between this drill, pump, seal method and Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing.

Hairline cracks in concrete are usually the main causes of water leakage problems at home and in commercial buildings.

One common waterproofing technique used is the PU injection (a.k.a Polyurethane Injection), a conventional hacking method. Contractors using PU Injections usually drill a hole into the problem area, where the PU is then pumped into the hole. The chemical composition in the injection is then triggered to expand and fill up the walls or ceiling, blindly covering the whole area in hopes of filling in these hairline cracks.

Think of it like this: PU is made of the same spongy material found in chair cushions. The chemicals used in PU injections are broken up into two separate solutions to be mixed together before pouring the material into a pump machine. Then, it is pumped into the ceiling as the PU begins to react and expand.

Websites and social media like to advertise this method misleadingly- with claims that their in-house method requires no hacking, is fast-drying and has a clean operation throughout!

X company is advertising a promise for a toxic-free, hack-free, and fast PU Injection service. But our experience as waterproofing experts tells us that X might be stretching the truth!

Here’s a quick comparison of conventional PU Injection methods and Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing. However, when looking into common practices done by most contractors- their claims just don’t match.

pu injection and waterproofing comparison

1. No Hacking Required, BUT Drilling Is Required!

Any holes or scrapes made to the wall or ceiling is a hacking method. And, just for your understanding, the first thing a contractor learns when working on PU Injections is how to drill a hole into the affected area. More specifically, it’s to learn how to drill in a 45° angled hole through the suspected crack area to be filled in with PU later on.

We should also mention that the method in question we’re talking about isn’t the PU materials you can get in your local DIY shop. The chemicals used in this process have to be handled using heavy duty machines that mix up the chemicals before filling up the hole, where it should expand into.

Nano-G strongly believes that hacking methods should only be used as the last resort by any home or business owner for their premises. That’s why Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing is done without the need for any hacking or drilling! Instead, we developed our solution to be able to seep into the thinnest of hairline cracks on any surface, filling up and protecting the layer from any further damage.

2. It Takes Time For It To Dry.

PU Injections take time to dry, despite what some contractors may promise. Most of the time, the PU injection is used on actively leaking wet spots. Therefore, you may experience the material dripping downwards from the hole. Some of our previous clients remarked that their PU injections were left to dry for up to 2 WEEKS before their contractors came back again to break off the excess materials.

As a home or business owner, you need to ask yourself: Do I really want my ceilings looking like this?

Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution only takes about 24-48 hours to complete. This includes the work area preparation stage, application of our solution, and drying time.

3. Polyurethane is a known respiratory toxin.

Homeowners have to take note that Polyurethane is a petroleum-based method that can release harmful gas into the air as it is being applied and dried. Infact, exposure to fumes from wet Polyurethane is known to provoke asthma and cause other issues to the throat, eyes, and skin and is definitely not safe around young children.

Four of the harmful chemicals found in PU Injections.

Instead of creating a health hazard for our clients, Nano-G ensures that our work materials are safe for your home, office, or business. This is because our nanotechnology waterproofing solution is a non-toxic material that doesn’t emit strong-smelling and hazardous chemicals. Therefore, you can still be present during our operation to have a look at what we do!

Take a look at what Nano-G’s previous clients have to say about our on-site services, here!

4. It’s Messy, Dirty and Needs Thorough Cleaning.

Not only will you be dealing with the harmful fumes, drilling noises, and unsightly drying times, you will also have to deal with the possibility that there will be stains that you can’t clean! PU Injections tend to leave marks on the walls or ceilings that are quite noticeable when you first walk into the room. Imagine after all the hassle you had to go through when dealing with the process and you’re left with specks of paint all over your furniture!

Our clients remarked that the PU Injection method left their premises in a mess, and later had an issue where they were not able to match the ceiling paint of their home!

Nano-G’s experts are disciplined when enforcing a special on-site SOP that keeps your premises always clean and tidy, while not causing too much noise when applying our nanotechnology waterproofing solution. This includes cleaning the work area before and after the operation, as well as a final inspection from our supervisor. If your water leakage problems aren’t fixed about from our workmanship, our solutions come with a money-back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

5. PU Injections are a bad idea for plaster ceilings.

In homes with plaster ceilings, homeowners should take note that your contractor will have to cut a hole into the plaster ceiling that is big enough for them to reach the concrete ceiling hidden above.

PU Injection are a bad idea for plaster ceilings

The whole process creates a lot of dust and debris, as well as a wide and long hole in the ceiling. What’s worse, most contractors will only patch up the area they had drilled or hacked open. In older homes, this issue is even more of an eyesore as the plaster around the crack must have already aged into a cream colour, making it very obvious that rectification work has been made.

With Nano-G, our solution doesn’t require us to cut a hole into your ceiling. We’d also like to mention that we were able to solve numerous water leakage issues that conventional waterproofing methods like the PU Injection couldn’t solve. Many of our clients have remarked that both our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing and on-site SOP were the hassle-free, hack-free, non-toxic and effective solution they have been looking for.

Have a look at what Mr Edward had so say about Nano-G’s onsite service on his testimonial!

After engaging with Nano-G’s services, I realised Nano-G’s staff were very fast and also very professional and did not disturb the mother’s and their babies’ rest. I am quite satisfied with Nano-G’s service. I give them a thumbs up.”

Mr Edward, Woyo Confinement Center

Still looking for the right solution to your water leakage problem?

Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution is the satisfaction guaranteed solution you’ve been looking for to solve your water leakage issues in a hack-free, non-toxic and dust-free manner. Nano-G’s Waterproofing Experts are trained to follow a disciplined on-site SOP that keeps your premises clean and tidy, before, during, and after our rectification work. This is because our solution only needs our experts to lay down our water-based nanotechnology solution on your floor to waterproof them, and should be done within 24-48 hours!

Don’t wait too long to get your water leakage problem fixed! Rectify the issue before it causes further damages to your home! If you’re still unsure about why Nano-G is a better choice for your floors, drop us a message to find out what we can do to help you fix your water leakage problems!

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