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Gamuda Garden Water Theme Park (Anti-Slip Coating)

Gamuda Garden Water Theme Park needed a way to slip proof their water park’s swimming pool premises as their visitors will be spending their time in wet slippery areas. Therefore, they decided that they would engage with Nano-G to provide our Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti Slip Coating service to prevent slip and fall accidents from happening. This is because they had been impressed with our past projects and had heard great reviews about our technical team on-site service. 

Scope of Project

After booking an appointment, we arranged a date to rectify Gamuda Garden Water Theme Park slippery floor issues. Firstly, our technical team cleared the selected high slip-prone areas of moisture, dirt and trash. Then, we applied a layer of Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti Slip Coating on the ground. Our experts are highly trained to keep their workmanship neat and mess free. The whole application operation took about 48 hours to complete.

Customer remarks

Gamuda Garden Water Theme Park was thoroughly satisfied by our neat operation. They also found it very relieving that our solution did not cause a change to their ground’s appearance. Instead, the product created a glossy rough surface texture that provided the grip and friction needed to keep their visitors from a slip and fall accident.

Client: Gamuda Garden
Location:  Selangor
Surface Area:  2153 sqft
Service: Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating

Slippery floors that are always wet and covered with water can cause slip and fall accidents for children and adults.
The tiles look slightly glossy and new after Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating is applied.
Wet-tiled floor is cleaned thoroughly before applying Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating evenly over the surface.
The application of the Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating is fast and provides excellent friction, water resistance, prevents mould growth, and makes cleaning easier.