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DJ Chan Fong (Waterproofing)

Local celebrity 988 radio’s DJ Chan Fong engaged with Nano-G to fix his car porch flat roof water leakage problem. He had been impressed with our past projects and had heard great reviews about our technical team on-site service.

After the initial free inspection, we arranged a date to rectify DJ Chan Fong’s water leakage issue. We cleaned up his flat roof area as well as laid down a layer of our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution. Our experts are highly trained to keep their workmanship neat and mess free. The whole application operation took about 48 hours to complete.

DJ Chan Fong remarked that our operation was amongst the most clean and timely waterproofing services that he had experienced.

Client: Residential
State:  Kuala Lumpur
Service: Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution

Hairline cracks on concrete flat roofs which causes water leakage problems at car porch area.
Concrete slab roof coated with Nano-G's Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution that helps repel water and prevent mould growth.
Filling up the hairline cracks on concrete flat roof with Nanotechnology Waterproofing.