Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Nilai & Seremban

DJ/YouTuber Joe & Mia (Waterproofing/Anti-Slip Coating)

As homeowners, local YouTubers, DJ Joe and Mia recognised that it was important for them that they keep their homes safe for elderly visitors to their toilets, as well as rectify their water leakage problems. That’s how they found Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Anti-Slip and Nanotechnology Waterproofing services to help give their home the safety upgrade they needed.

Scope of Project

Nano-G’s consultant team inspected their home using our thermal inspection tool. Our team found that there were a few problem areas that could use some rectification work. Namely, two bathrooms and their car porch flat roof. Once the three areas where properly prepared, cleaned and dried, we proceeded with applying Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing, followed by our Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating. Our effective solutions are the preferred options for residential areas as we do all our work in a neat, hassle-free, and noise-free way to guarantee the best customer satisfaction.

Customer remarks

Joe and Mia were pleased with the results of our service as we kept the whole process fast, neat, and dependable. They especially liked that Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating kept the appearance of their tiles while giving them a grainy texture. They were especially happy about the added water-repellant feature of Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating as it helps keep the floor easy to clean as well. As for Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing, they found that our solution miraculously fixed all the waterproofing issues in the house and continued to prevent further damage even after 3 months of application.

Client: Residential
State:  Selangor
Service: Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution / Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating

Water damage on ceiling
Car porch flat roof
Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing in grouts during drying phase
Bathroom tiles cleaned and dried
Thermal scanned water damaged spots
Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing on flat roof
Dried Nano-G nanotechnology waterproofing in grouts
After application of Nano-G nanotechnology waterproofing & anti-slip floor coating solutions
Nano-G Testimony DJ/YouTuber Joe & Mia
“Waterproofing and anti-slip are two very important things that you just shouldn’t ignore.”

New homeowners might think it’s troublesome to waterproof their homes but it doesn’t have to be! Nano-G is the best choice because they use a no-hack method that doesn’t create any dust in your toilets or outdoor areas. As compared to conventional methods, they are able to complete their work within a day! They also offer an innovative anti-slip solution that creates an effective grainy surface without affecting the original appearance of your tiles.


Joe Chang & Mia Chai Malaysia DJ / Host / YouTuber