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DJ Ng Hau Min (Waterproofing/Anti-Slip Coating)

DJ Ng Hau Min was experiencing very bad water damage on her ceilings, to the point where her false ceiling had become bubbled and burst into holes! She realised that the source of this issue was from her first floor toilets, so she engaged with Nano-G to solve her water leakage issues. For good measure, she also got our team to coat Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Coating to slip-proof her toilets.

Scope of Project

After booking a free inspection, our team arranged a date to waterproof and slip-proof DJ Ng Hau Min’s problem areas. We cleaned up their premises to be moisture-free and dust-free before laying down a layer of our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Coating solution. As we were dealing with a residential area, we kept our workmanship dust and noise-free. The whole application operation took around 48 hours to complete.

Customer remarks

DJ Ng Hau Min found our workmanship very efficient, clean and thorough! She was very satisfied by how our solutions did not change the appearance of our tiles at all, yet still creating the waterproofing and slip proofing effect she was looking for.

Client: Residential
State:  Kuala Lumpur
Service: Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution / Anti-Slip Coating

Local Chinese radio DJ, Hau Min engaged with Nano-G for our services due to a water leakage problem that caused water-filled bubbles in the upper floor bathroom ceiling.
After Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution was applied, the Anti-Slip Floor Coating was applied to prevent slip and fall accidents with its additional safety feature.
Local DJ Hau Min is very happy with the professionalism of the Nano-G team for their efficient and effective waterproofing and anti-slip solutions.
Bathroom surface was thoroughly cleaned to remove all dust and residues before covering the tiles with Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solutions to prevent future water leakage issues.
Bathroom floor is coated with the Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution and Anti-Slip Floor Coating to prevent water leakage in other bathrooms.
“My bathroom looks the same after the rectification work is done. It looks like nothing happened before.”

I’ve engaged Nano-G to apply their waterproofing solutions to both my bathrooms at my newly bought home.


Nano-G has also helped me to apply an anti-slip coating so that my bathroom floor is no longer slippery. It’s common for me to slip in bathroom due to the slippery surface and I find it very dangerous for an elderly like my mom. After applying the coating, there is now a firmer texture on the surface which provides us with a better grip when we walk on it.


One of the features of the waterproofing solutions and the anti-slip coating by Nano-G is that the surface of my bathroom looks the same after the rectification work is done. It looks like nothing happened before, which is great!


Hau Min Malaysia DJ / Host / Voice Talent