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Aquabubs Swim School (Anti-Slip Coating)

Aquabubs Swim School was looking for a way to slip proof their swimming pool premises as their young students will be spending their time in wet slippery areas. Therefore, they decided that they would engage with Nano-G to provide our Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti Slip Coating service to prevent slip and fall accidents from happening. This is because they had been impressed with our past projects and had heard great reviews about our technical team on-site service. 

Scope of Project

After booking an appointment, Nano-G arranged a date to slip-proof Aquabubs Swim School’s slippery swimming pool deck area. Firstly, our technical team cleared the selected high slip-prone areas of moisture, dirt and trash. Then, we applied a layer of Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti Slip Coating on the deck’s tiles. Our experts are highly trained to keep their workmanship neat and mess free. The whole application operation took about 24 hours to complete.

Customer remarks

Aquabubs Swim School was thoroughly satisfied by our team’s neat operations. They also found it very relieving that our solution did not cause a change to their tiles’ appearance. Instead, the product created a glossy rough surface texture that provided the grip and friction needed to keep their students, parents and teachers from a slip and fall accident.

Client: Aquabubs Swim School
Location:  Kepong
Service: Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating

Floor at swim school to be coated by Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating to protect young students from slipping after cleaning off stains and dust off the surface.
Swimming pool stairway in the process of cleanup before applying Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating to provide extra grip for swimmers.
The Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating is applied over surfaces in the swim school that is constantly wet after a thorough SOP to clean up the surface before application.
Grateful to the owner of Aquabubs Swim School for trusting Nano-G to protect and prevent slip and fall accidents with Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating.
The surface of the swim school floor looks the same but with a slight gloss that makes it look new again due to the Nano-G Anti-Slip Coating.
The swimming pool stairway is protected with a layer of Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating to prevent any slippage and provide an extra safety feature on the surface.
Surfaces covered by the Nano-G Anti-Slip Floor Coating in the swim school become comfortable to walk on and its water resistant feature helps prevent mould growth.