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DJ Gan Mei Yan (Waterproofing/Anti-Slip Coating)

As a homeowner, DJ Gan Mei Yan was experiencing a persistent and widespread water leakage issue in her home.  The leakage issue was present in her bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and even the balcony! It got so bad that the ceiling paint in her master bedroom had begun to bubble up. After trying out ineffective conventional methods, she engaged Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing and Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating service to rectify these issues, and fix her slippery floor problems as well.

Scope of Project

After our initial inspection, we found out that water from the neighbour’s house had penetrated through to DJ Gan Mei Yan’s house, causing these issues in her home. This was discovered using our thermal scanner, where we found cold spots near the walls that connected their homes. Once the cause was determined, we cleaned up her premises to be moisture-free and dust-free before laying down a layer of our Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing and Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating solution. As we were dealing with a residential area, we kept our workmanship neat and noise-free. The whole application operation took around 8 days to complete.

Customer remarks

DJ Gan Mei Yan was very happy with the service we provided, as both our solutions didn’t change the appearance of her tiles, created a rough and waterproof texture on the floor, as well as made it easier to maintain. She also told us, in our follow up call, that her home no longer experienced any water leakage problems. Her bathroom’s floor tiles were also looking much more presentable, after our deep cleaning of the floor and application of our solutions, the floor held less water and prevented microbial growth from building up in the grouts.

Client: Residential
State:  Kuala Lumpur
Service: Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution / Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating

Local radio DJ, Mei Yan engaged with Nano-G for a free inspection at her home due to serious water leakage problems found in numerous areas in her home.
Bathroom floor was cleaned around the grout areas in between the tiles before covering it with Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution.
The balcony was cleared from any dust and residues before the rectification work with the Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution is applied.
Rectification work with the Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution done on the bathroom floor to prevent water seepage through the tiles.
Nano-G consultant team inspects the leakage with a thermal scanner to identify the degree of seriousness of the leakage.
Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution was applied quickly and is effective in preventing water leakage and mould growth– client decided to apply the Anti-Slip Floor Coating to prevent any slip and fall accidents.
Floor with Nano-G’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating is visibly newer with excellent friction and water resistance that will help prevent mould growth, water seepage, and slip and fall accidents.
Bathroom tiles look clean and brand new after the application of the Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution and Anti-Slip Floor Coating.
Nano-G Testimony DJ Gan Mei Yan
“Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Coating has a three in one function.”

To my pleasant surprise, Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating doesn’t change the look of the surface! Instead, it has a grainy surface that is very nice to walk on and that doesn’t even get slippery when wet! This coating also makes bathroom tiles easier to maintain because it prevents the surface from leaving stains. So, it’s like Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Floor Coating has a three in one function.



Gan Mei Yan Malaysia DJ / Actress