Is there any hacking or renovation work involved?

There is no hacking or renovation work needed for our services.

Do I need to clean up the area after your services?

No cleanup required. We do not need to hack or renovate so there will be no mess created.

Will there be any bad or harmful odors?

No, our solution is odorless and non-toxic.

Does your service come with any warranty?

Yes, our services come with warranty.

After the surface is treated, can I clean it with brushes or other equipment?

Yes you can. Nano-G is designed using nanotechnology and any disturbance of the surface area will not affect our treatment.

How much time does the treatment work require?

Depending on the situation, 3 – 5 hours.

Is there any precautions to take after the surface is treated?

You can use your bathroom as normal.

How much do you charge for an on-site inspection?

RM50 will be charged for X-Ray Inspection.

What happens if there is water leakage during the warranty period?

Please contact us immediately for further assistance.

What is the difference between Nano-G's solution and other conventional methods?

Our solution is based on advance nanotechnology and does not require hacking. It poses no risk to your family or pets and only requires minimal time and budget to fix your issue, compared to conventional methods.

How does waterproofing failure happen?

There are many reasons why waterproofing fails, the most common reason is that the previous waterproofing sealant has reached the end of it’s life cycle.

Will my bathroom size affect the pricing?

Yes, please contact us for more details.


We will be happy to answer any further questions that you have regarding our services.