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Your Condo Unit Ceiling Leaking from Upstairs Neighbour?

Recommend Nano-G to your upstairs neighbour for a hack and dust-free way to waterproof their floors.

Living in a condominium has its downsides. For one, you are likely to experience a water leaking from the upstairs neighbour toilet that causes your ceiling to form ugly yellow stains. This is such a common issue that in 2018, 4,390 cases made to the Strata Management Tribunal (SMT) was about inter-floor leakage issues and maintenance fee collection.  

Adele from Lowyat posted a question about how her upstairs neighbour's bathroom is causing a water leakage problem
Photo credit: Adele from Lowyat Forums
If you’re unlucky, you might not receive any help from the management to help rectify this issue.  

What needs to be done

Ultimately cooperation between the upstairs and downstairs neighbour is needed to fix the issue. This is because the upstairs neighbour is the direct cause of the problem, while the downstairs neighbour is inconvenienced. 

If you’re the downstairs neighbour, well, now is the time to work on your persuasion skills and convince your upstairs neighbour to come up with a solution with you to rectify the issue together. 

Here’s how to convince your neighbour to deal with their water leakage issue: help them find a reliable waterproofing expert to fix their problem- that doesn’t inconvenience them.

The expensive looking polka dot themed tiles of a toilet room's floor, removed and scattered around from an invasive, hacking waterproofing method.
Photo credit: homedit
A contractor laying down a waterproofing tile on a building's dry wall of an unspecified room. He is shirtless.
Photo credit: carousell
The results of an invasive, hacking waterproofing method that has left a bathroom in a mess. Broken wall tiles on the floor and its dry walls exposed.
Photo credit: thepurplepumpkinblog

You see, most of the time these upstairs vs downstairs neighbour fights are about taking the responsibility and cost in rectifying the water leakage issue. It is especially so because of how much of a hassle it is to contact and schedule a time for a contractor to deal with the problem. Not to mention the noise and dust that the whole operation would create. 

A conventional waterproofing method is a  week-long procedure that hacks and replaces your bathroom floor tiles entirely, leaving dust and many other sorts of debris that linger even after a thorough clean up.  It gets messy very quickly- and is not the safest method for homes with children.

Get the help of Nano-G’s Nanotechnology Waterproofing

Here in Nano-G, our waterproofing experts are well-trained professionals that use non-invasive and non-hacking methods to solve your water leakage problems 

Because of our approach in waterproofing, our operation wouldn’t take too much of your time, nor will it cause too much of a mess in the home. In fact, we only need 24 hours to rectify the water leaking issues AND do a thorough clean up after our operation so you and your upstairs neighbour can enjoy a hassle-free, leak-free environment.

Instead, we use a non-toxic method to create a thin coating layer that goes into the smallest crack on any surface. And because of this dust- and odour-free process, you (and your upstairs neighbour) can still stay in the home as our waterproofing experts are at work. 

If you’re the upstairs neighbour in question and you’re not sure about who you should engage with regarding this issue, rest assured that Nano-G provides a long term solution – and a warranty for additional check-ups. That means our service is not a one-off process, as we want to make sure that your water leakage issue is thoroughly fixed!

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