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Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow

Everything To Know About Waterproofing The Exterior Walls Of Bungalows

The exterior walls of a building are exposed to rain, moisture, humidity, and extreme temperature changes – all of which over time will damage the walls and promote the growth of algae on its surface. 

Bungalows have more exterior walls that are exposed to weathering compared to their semi-D and terrace counterparts. This means that bungalows are more likely to encounter rain or water seepage from the exterior wall into the interior rooms – a common construction defect experienced by many homeowners. As common as water leakage problems are, they can be quite a nightmare to deal with. Moreover, water damage comprises structural integrity, on top of turning the interior wall of your home or building into a breeding ground for humidity-loving mould and microbes. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, waterproofing the exterior walls of the bungalows is the most effective way to resolve or prevent future infiltration or damage sustained from weathering.

Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow
Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow

Bungalows are one of the most aesthetic buildings for homes. It is very important to protect the exterior walls as it is one of the assets for every bungalow. Without maintenance it will have visible dust, pale paint and mouldy layout of the home and it makes it less attractive. 

The Best Method To Waterproof the Exterior Walls of your Bungalow

There are many waterproofing solutions available in the market, each marketed differently and offering varying value propositions. However, once homeowners understand that it is really only a matter of addressing the root cause of the problem, they eventually came to understand that Nano-G offers one of the most effective waterproofing solutions for exterior walls – from waterproofing wall paints to concrete.

Nano-G employs Nanotechnology in its solutions, whereby particles can penetrate deep into surfaces to create water-repellent structures at a nanoscale; that is 1000 times tinier than microscopic elements! These nano-sized water-repellent structures are inside the pores of paint and concrete, giving the treated surfaces an additional hydrophobic trait without changing their aesthetics or sealing the pores.

Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution help to repel rainwater from seeping into the pores of the walls with hydrophobic layering.

In totality, Nano-G’s waterproofing methods ensure effectiveness, a prolonged lifetime of your building’s surface, and no visible changes to the original natural appearance of the materials.

Learn about the science of how it works, read more about our 4th Generation of Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solutions here:

Nano-G 4th Gen Hospital-Grade Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solution

The Benefits Of Waterproofing Exterior Wall Go Beyond Simply Preventing Water Seepage.

1. Waterproofing exterior wall can prevent algae and mould growth.

During rainy seasons, the high humidity from outside the building can seep through the exterior walls into the home, causing interior dampness.  This dampness poses another problem in many homes and is often the cause of peeling paint (indoors and outdoors), water leakage, and unsightly mould growth on the walls. These mould patches ruin the aesthetics of the building and can cause health issues to occupants over time.  

Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow

A well-protected and properly-maintained bungalow can prevent all these issues and it is worth the investment to waterproof your bungalow.

2. Waterproofing exterior walls can help maintain the aesthetic of the building.

Layering your exterior walls with a hydrophobic surface helps the building repel water and allows the surface to dry more quickly. Taking air pollution and other environmental factors into consideration, the water-repellent layer also prevents dirty water and dust from settling on the walls. This also means that you can prevent exterior wall paints from deteriorating, which reduced the overall appeal of your home.

Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow
Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow

Waterproofing with Nano-G Nanotechnology Solutions helps to maintain your bungalow even if it have been well-occupied for quite some time. Our solution does not require hacking and will keep your building safe from reconstruction damages. 

When Is It Necessary to Waterproof your Exterior Walls

Waterproofing the exterior wall is best done at the time of construction, but if your bungalow is much older and waterproofing was not accounted for – it’s time to give it a go.

Ideally, it is best to waterproof the bungalow before moving in, or when the exterior wall is still new and free from hairline cracks. Alternatively, you can safeguard your bungalow’s exterior walls any time you find convenient.

Take note that over time, walls can develop cracks and they generally start from the weakest areas of the wall. If you have already been residing in the bungalow for a few years, it is imperative to find these cracks and seal them first to avoid further water leakage issues.

Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow Preventing Cracks
Nano-G Waterproofing Your Exterior Walls For Your Bungalow Preventing Cracks

Don’t wait for the cracks to be visible, waterproof the exterior walls! Prevention is better than cure when it comes to damages to your bungalows.

How to find the cracks? No worries, we got you. At Nano-G, we provide FREE inspection for homeowners like yourself to identify the root cause of leakage problems and wall cracks, before proceeding with Nano-G Nanotechnology Waterproofing Solutions. 

Here are our past customers’ thoughts towards Nano-G. Don’t wait for your problem to be severe, just call us to fix your exterior wall issue or need your new bungalow to be waterproof with a money-back guarantee.

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