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Nano-G Preventing Slip & Fall For Young Children

Slip & Fall Prevention For Young Children

Children are a joy to have at home, but their boundless energy also means that they are prone to injuries due to underdeveloped physiologically factors, and also external hazards such as staircases, loose equipment, open windows, and slippery floors.

In Malaysia and the USA, falls are the most common cause of injury for young children that lead to emergency visits and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). On a less severe note, falls cause more open wounds and fractures than other factors – and most falls happen at home. Thus, it is important for parents and guardians to safeguard their homes and be mindful of locations that have a higher probability of slips and falls accidents especially children. 

Other than fatalities, what are some common slip and fall accidents and injuries you should be aware of? Read more at:

Anti-Slip Solution with Nano-G

Increase friction to reduce fatalities. If you are doing your research on anti-slip coatings to protect your home, here are some of the most common areas that are prone to slip and fall accidents you should take note of.

1. The Kitchen

You probably don’t need research to tell you how dangerous a kitchen is for a child, but we’re presenting to you the statistics anyhow. Research overseas has found that 3.5 million children end up in the emergency room every year, and about 2,200 of them die from injuries sustained from hot kitchen appliances and sharp utensils. A wet kitchen floor increases these risks by many folds, as children may slip on oil or water, hurting themselves during the fall if there were carrying sharp or hot objects. Always be sure to wipe clean and degrease kitchen floors, and train your children to sit down when it’s time to eat to prevent spillage. 

Having children playing and running unsupervised in kitchens may lead to accidents, injuries, or worse – fatalities.

2. The Bathroom

All toddlers and infants must be supervised when they use the toilet or bathroom, due to the multiple safety hazards present there – one of the hazards being a slippery, wet floor. Fall injuries are common in the bathroom due to frequently being wet, plus the combination of detergent, soaps, and shampoos reduces friction on the smooth bathroom tiles. Be sure to use anti-slip mats as a short-term solution, and consider treating the bathroom floors with an anti-slip coating as a permanent preventive measure.

Children see bathrooms as mini water parks at home. However, soap and water spills increase the likelihood of slips & falls, as well as climbing onto stools or bumping into sharp edges or objects in the bathroom.

Poor child had her leg stuck in the toilet and suffered 2 hours of pain waiting for rescue from the fire department.

There are many ways to incorporate anti-slip methods and technologies at home. Here are some of them for you to consider, including each method’s pros and cons:

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3. Balconies

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” often applies to children as well, unfortunately. Always remember that children do not have adequate risk-assessment skills, and their brains are still developing. It is up to the adults to ensure that locations such as an open glass door, windows, and balconies are locked, childproofed, and safeguarded from slips and falls – because cases of children falling through these openings are common.

Keep your children safe from balconies, and protect yourself from the regret of losing them to fall injuries or fatalities.

Supervise children at all times and ensure that all tripping/climbing hazards are removed to prevent falls. Remember to position balcony furniture far away from railings so that children cannot climb them, and choose heavy furniture that cannot be moved by children instead of cheap plastic ones.

4. Pool Sides & Playgrounds

Public places for children’s activities like swimming pools and playgrounds should be safe for them to run around and explore, but oftentimes safety regulations may not be up to par – which causes easily avoidable accidents. Thus, it is advised to avoid peak hours when the pool or park is crowded, after school hours when the children are overwhelmed, and rainy days when the park equipment and surrounding floors can be slippery. Alternatively, if it is within your control, engage us for anti-slip treatment on slippery tiles or surfaces for swimming pool areas and playgrounds.

The pool has many fixtures and hard edges that may become safety hazards if children are left unsupervised.

Do you have a swimming pool at home? Consider safeguarding the pool area and read the article below:

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5. The Staircase

Stairs are often seen as a plaything for imaginative children, making them highly susceptible to injuries from a nasty fall. Infants and toddlers cannot comprehend the gravity of tumbling down the stairs. Meanwhile, older children who run up and down the stairs may trip and injure themselves. The easiest way to safeguard the staircase at home is to remove clutter on the stairs and install safety gates. 

Sometimes, it is not entirely the fault of the child – even parents can make mistakes!


Your home should be a safe haven for children to grow, explore, and enjoy their childhood, but invisible dangers may be lurking if adults are not careful enough. With so many nooks and corners to care about, one way you can reduce your worries at home as a parent or guardian is to treat floors with an anti-slip coating to reduce the likelihood of fatal accidents sustained from slips or falls that may affect your children. 

That way, you can free up your mind to pay attention to the more important things in life.

Engage Nano-G today for our Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Solution for a no-noise, no hacking, mess-free, and eco-friendly treatment for floor tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas. 

Encik Hairunizam shares his thoughts about Nano-G Nanotechnology Anti-Slip Solution, especially concerning his wife’s and children’s safety.

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