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Preventing Water Leakage Problems in Hotels & Resorts

With hundreds of water outlets in the building, don’t leave water leakage encounters up to chance.

Hotels and resorts can host up to hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, which means tons of water running through bathrooms, commercial kitchens, swimming pools, and spas by the minute across an extensive network of pipes and valves from the basement to all the way to the rooftop. Having said that, your hotel management’s contingency plan should take into consideration the potentially major problems which can arise from even seemingly small water leakages. After all, water leaks in hotels & resorts are bound to happen due to wear and tear. 

Signs Your Hotel Has Water Leakage Problems

During periodic inspections conducted by your staff, they may have spotted  a few of the following visual indicators on walls and ceilings:

• Yellow water stains
• Peeling or bubbling paint
• Black mold, green algae growth
• Sagging ceiling

Other than visual cues, water leakage problems can be identified through a  distinct musty smell, and the atmosphere of the room or space usually feels heavy and humid.

Nano-G Sign of Water Damage

These common signs of water damage are a clear indicator that your premise is in need of waterproofing work. Source

Here are more details on water leakage signs your management should look out for:

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The Consequences of Water Leakage Problems On Hotels & Resorts

1. Unpleasant aesthetics and bad first impressions of your hotel.

Water seepage into walls; either from the rain or bad plumping – does plenty of damage to wallpapers and paint. A paint job well done can look like shoddy work if the walls are continuously exposed to wetness. The most obvious indicators of water leakage problems are yellow stains and mold growth on plaster ceilings and walls.

Bad waterproofing leads to bad reviews

The most obvious indicators of water leakage problems are yellow stains and mold growth on plaster ceilings and walls. Source

2. Poor customer experience.

Guests of hotels and resorts have set expectations on comfort and cleanliness before they check in to their rooms. Water leakage in rooms can cause dampness on the beds and sheets, plus an unshakeable musty odour that contributes to the overall uncomfortable feeling. Guests are more likely to leave bad reviews than good ones – and you don’t want to invite this kind of PR disaster.

3. Health & safety hazards.

Water damage affects the structural integrity of any building, and this fact is particularly concerning in larger buildings where multiple floors are affected by the leakage. On top of structural damage, water leakage can short-circuit electrical wirings inside or along the concrete walls, presenting a fire hazard. Last but not least, the airborne byproducts released by mold and mildew growth cause a myriad of diseases.

4. Preventable problems, and unnecessary costs.

These visual and structural problems, while being completely preventable, can end up costing the hotel a hefty sum in terms of time and budget; worse if the issue persists and is left unchecked. Consider the opportunity costs when the management finally decided to renovate the building to rectify the issue while losing out customers during the peak season.

Need Help with Preventing Water Leakage Problems in Your Hotel?

Take advantage of Nano-G’s FREE inspection to keep your hotels & resorts safe and free from water leaks issues for years to come. Upon arrival, our professionals will proceed to inspect the building with a thermal scanner to identify sources of water leakage.

With Nano-G’s hospital-grade nanotechnology waterproofing solutions, hotels and resorts can expect a swift and non-intrusive process. Our waterproofing methods involve no hacking or renovations, thus causing only minimal disruption to your business operations. We have a vast portfolio of satisfied clients operating in the hospitality industry, and we are also the trusted waterproofing specialist for government hospitals in Malaysia.

Understanding the basics of nanotechnology waterproofing – why our method works:

Why Nano-G is the superior choice of water leakage specialist for homes & commercial
Safeguarding hotel spaces like lobbies, bathrooms, and stairs from slip & fall accidents
Nano-G waterproofing Palace of the Golden Horses
Nano-G waterproofing De Palma Hotel

Nano-G has provided our nanotechnology waterproofing services to numerous hotels and resorts over the years, including Palace of the Golden Horses, De Palma Hotel, Hilton Petaling Jaya, Hilton Kuching, VE Hotel and Residence, and many more.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and we will walk you through the process and provide you with a quotation for your hotel or resort waterproofing.

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