Why Choose SurfaPore® As Water Leakage Solution

SurfaPore® gives excellent water leakage protection that surpasses many of the other water leakage solutions in the market, thanks to its NanoPhos formulation. Being the only eco-friendly product in Malaysia which utilises nanotechnology, SurfaPore® is extremely efficient in waterproofing a surface while retaining its breathability. Unlike the traditional formulation which seals the surface, SurfaPore® penetrates into the surface while allowing trapped moisture to escape. Otherwise states, there is only one-way flow for the water to move out of the surface. All moisture trying to enter the surface, or in most cases the cracks, will be blocked by the solution. Therefore, for those who are facing toilet leakage problem and wondering how to fix toilet leak, SurfaPore® is definitely a good choice to have the crack fixed at the same time have the trapped moisture eliminated. An additional plus point is that SurfaPore® comes in a collection, each of it specifically designed to treat certain particular types of surfaces.

A great reason to go for SurfaPore® is that it has passed through many stringent tests and has earned several prestigious recognitions for providing fine water leakage protection. It has been tested to be of optimum performance by Lion Trunk (Beijing) International Business Co., Ltd. The Management of Global Testing Centre in Greece has also certified that SurfaPore® is of very low volatile organic compounds, indicating that the solution has low vapour pressure. Additionally, its NanoPhos formulation has won the first prize for The Innovation and Sustainability Award during the 100% Detail International Tradeshow in London. The quality of SurfaPore® is known internationally where many magnificent buildings all around the world use it to protect the architectures from any moisture-related damages. SurfaPore® W was used on Hakone’s Open Air Museum in Japan while SurfaPore® C and M were applied on The Onassis Cultural Centre in the United States. As for Malaysia, the Palace of the Golden Horses in the state of Selangor used SurfaPore® C to treat the water leakage problem of its concrete roof.