How To Use SurfaPore®C: Water Repellent For Brick & Concrete

The problem of water leakage at home leaves you with worries on the condition of your home while burdening you with the high repair costs. Aside from hiring professionals that often cost much, an effective solution to the fore-mentioned problem is to get SurfaPore®C which is an excellent water repellent for brick, concrete, cement, mortar, and several other kinds of surfaces.

Acting as a good water repellent, this product is specially designed to treat water leakage in ceiling or walls to prevent the trapped moisture from forming mould and algae that affects the aesthetic value of your home.

The instruction for use is simple as it consists of only several steps as listed below:

  1. 1. Detect the crack
  2. You should always start by inspecting around your home and search for visible cracks. Once you have found a crack, dry up the spot and its surrounding areas so as SurfacePore®C can penetrate well into the treated area later.

  3. 2.Shake it well
  4. Just like many other products in liquid form, SurfacePore®C has to be shaken well before use to ensure the uniformity of its substances. The solution can be used as it is without further dilution.

  5. 3. Apply on surface
  6. With the use of a brush or a roller, apply a layer of the SurfacePore®C to the entire surface to be treated. The solution works well as a water repellent for concrete, brick, cement, stucco, etc.

  7. 4. Apply additional layers
  8. One is never enough, especially when you are after a quality water leakage solution. Depending on how well the particular surface can absorb liquid, re-apply the solution again in 1 to 3 hours time.

  9. 5. Clean it up
  10. You can clean the treated area with a damp cloth once the solution dries. With these simple steps done, you have made a concrete water repellent for the cracks!