How To Prevent Rust Formation With SurfaGuard®M

Rust is the result of a chemical reaction when iron is in contact with oxygen and water over a long period of time. Water molecule acts as a catalyst that allows corrosion to take place and simultaneously form rust. Besides the fact that corrosion affects the appearance of metal, it is also important to know that rust causes flaking and cracking on metal surface which makes the metal brittle. Therefore, in order to maximise the lifespan of items made of metal, one should know how to prevent rust formation by applying anti corrosion protection layer on those items.

Utilising nanotechnology, SurfaGuard®M is specially formulated for metal corrosion prevention, inhibiting metal parts at home such as roof covering, plumbing, and gate from being covered by rust. The metal mentioned includes lead, copper, zinc, aluminium, pewter that are commonly found in domestic construction. The carefully studied formulation of SurfaGuard®M also allows the product to prevent rust formation even in the presence of chloride ion that accelerates the corrosion process. Therefore, this product is practical to be applied on items located near to the seaside where the concentration of chloride ion is high. The anti corrosion protection works when the nanoparticles in the solution passivate the metal surface, preventing the chemical reaction to take place.

It is simple to use SurfaGuard®M for metal corrosion prevention as there are only several easy steps involved without the need of hiring professionals. Firstly, make sure that the surface to be treated is dry and clean. The solution should then be shaken before it is applied on the metal surface. There are three ways to have the solution applied, either by immersing the metal in the solution for 3 to 10 minutes, spraying 2 coats, or applying 2 coats with a brush or roller. Lastly, allow the solution to dry.