1. Nanoparticles

The nano measurement

Nanotechnology is the science of size and it’s one of the smallest miracles ever achieved by modern technology. Did you know that if Earth was a metre in diameter, comparatively, a nanoparticle would be the size of a diamond?

Image - Earth vs diamond

2. Size Does Matter

Being small is the next big thing

So what does that mean to us? Well, being that small allows our products to seep and penetrate deeply into the tiniest of pores and thinnest of cracks on any kind of surfaces to provide a longer lasting protection from moisture damage.

Image -

3. Tiny And Mighty

Small things with great potential

Unlike normal particles, nanoparticles can form billions more of mini networks within the same volume and space to create formulations with a much stronger bonding power.

Understanding this allows us to make full use of its strengths to create stronger admixtures and enhancing agents for adhesive materials to improve elasticity and reduce cracking on all kinds of building materials.

Image - 3D comparison