Waterproofing & Protection - SurfaPore

The water-based SurfaPore® penetrates surfaces to create an invisible barrier that repels water, moisture and stains, simultaneously retaining the surfaces’ breathability.

Industrial and Professional Use

From strengthening concrete to creating self-sterilizing surfaces, we have a solution for each and every of your construction needs.

SurfaPore W

Nano G is a brand incorporated under the company of Nano G Central Sdn Bhd., and we are here to enable your company to be economically advantageous and socially responsible to the environment.Nano G is mainly focusing on environmental sustainability by introducing today’s Green Technology products and applications such as water repellent for cement, concrete, as well as provide anti corrosion protection, water leak protection & water leakage solutions to the surface. Our products harness nanotechnology tocreate an invisible surface barrier that repels water, oil, and stains,adding more advantageous attributes such as anti-microbial and selfcleaningeffects on all treated building surfaces.
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